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Dare to Launch

Oct 17, 2023

Co-hosts Chris Saunders and Jeff Walker welcome team member and resident video pro Dan Walker, and social media organic growth expert Rachel Miller to discuss how to build an audience through email and content.

They talk about what approach to content you should have, Rachel’s Facebook list-building strategies (including tips for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube), and how to use memes in business.

Also in this week’s show:

  • How adopting the “waitress mindset” helps you build an email list full of long-term subscribers
  • Why you should stop treating potential clients as “prospects” (Rachel’s shift is so powerful, Jeff “borrowed” it for the second edition of his book!)
  • The hidden feature that automatically grows your Facebook group for you (one click, and it attracts new members to your group, 24/7)
  • 3? 7? 24? How many times do people really need to see your content before they engage with it? Rachel’s answer might surprise you
  • A simple strategy you can use to turn new followers into ardent fans when you’re just starting out
  • How to transform a meme from a simple gag into a powerful connection (and one of your best marketing weapons)
  • WARNING – asking this simple question on social media could turn your family and friends into your #1 referral network
  • How to get your customers to “fill in the blanks” and write your social media content for you
  • Worried about bothering or bugging people by posting the same content more than once? Don’t. Here’s why…

.. and much more.



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Mentioned in this episode:

Jeff Walker

Product Launch Formula

Jeff’s book, Launch

Jeff’s YouTube channel

Rachel on Facebook


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