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Dare to Launch

May 21, 2024

Episode Overview:

In this episode of "Dare to Launch," hosts Chris Saunders and Jeff Walker are joined by Mike Michalowicz. Mike is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author known for his innovative approaches to profitable business practices. His latest book, "All In," focuses on creating and leading high-performing teams. We’re big fans of Mike’s work and this new book is no exception. In today’s episode, Chris and Jeff pick Mike’s brain on his secret to employee training and development in 2024. Mike’s success has everything to do with the way he’s treated his employees over the years, and while his methodology might seem straightforward, it’s actually pretty revolutionary in solving employee retention issues. And it works! When Mike walks into the office, his employees don’t suddenly go dead quiet. And that’s because he builds a safe, comfortable dynamic with his team. He’s realized over time that when we force employees to comply, they will seek to defy. We need to redefine our relationships with our employees and understand how supporting their individual goals and happiness is beneficial for everyone involved. If we trust and support them, they’ll do the same for us. Mike has implemented key strategies to help his employees grow through his companies, often to the point where they end up evolving out of their current roles and moving onto new opportunities. And this is actually a net positive for any company as Mike sees it! The best way to get your team to buy into your goals is to support their goals on an individual level. Company growth and employee growth should operate in tandem, and Mike has tons of fun stories to show how and why that’s the case. 

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Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Mike Michalowicz's Background: Introduction of Mike as the force behind several multi-million dollar companies and the author of influential books like "Profit First" and "All In."

  2. The Genesis of "All In": How the challenges of the pandemic led Mike to prioritize writing "All In," focusing on overcoming difficulties in team dynamics, such as recruiting issues and the shift from desired to demanded workplace flexibility.

  3. Leadership and Learning: Mike discusses his journey from struggling leader to a more competent one, emphasizing that the best leaders often teach what they need to learn themselves.

  4. Employee Dreams and Aspirations: The importance of understanding and nurturing employees' individual dreams to inspire and retain top talent. Mike shares practical steps and examples of how to implement this in any business.

  5. Cultural and Tactical Adjustments for Remote Teams: Strategies for maintaining a strong team culture and high engagement, even with remote team members.

  6. Real-Life Examples from Mike's Experience: Mike shares anecdotes, including a memorable moment involving unconventional underwear choices during a critical business operation.

Key Takeaways 

  • Many people in the workforce have forgotten how to dream. We need to relearn the capacity to dream. Understand your employees’ dreams and figure out how to attach them to the work that they’re doing. 

  • The typical mindset is “Do what you need to do at work. Your life is your life.” We’ve transcended that in 2024. What you do at work should help you progress your life goals. 

  • Helping your employees get to the next level means that they might leave you. But that’s a good thing! Great leaders help people in their growth towards what they really want to do. It’s a fluid experience through the company. 

  • If you treat employees well, they’ll put the word out for you when they leave. 

  • We need to hire employees based on their potential. You don’t need to be looking for people who are rockstars now, you want to find the people who will be rockstars very soon. 

Where to Find Mike Michalowicz:

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Resources Referenced in the episode

  • Jeff refers to Glass Ceiling but it was actually 

  • All In: How Great Leaders Build Unstoppable Teams by Mike Michalowicz

  • The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly 

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