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Dare to Launch

Oct 9, 2023

Co-hosts Chris Saunders and Jeff Walker talk about Jeff’s journey into online entrepreneurship, how he got started before reaching fame with his Product Launch Formula, and what you can expect from the show.

The two also discuss the concept of “Launch Life,” the very first thing Jeff sold online, what led him to Durango (Colorado), and what’s key to building a thriving community.

You’ll also hear:

  • What Tim Ferriss said about Jeff’s book Launch on his podcast
  • The one question you should ask to know if you’re on the right track (asking this also keeps you from falling into the “hustle harder” trap)
  • How Jeff’s fear of selling led to him “accidentally” changing the way products are sold online
  • What seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs really talk about behind closed doors at masterminds
  • Why Jeff, Chris and the team are fanatical about tacos
  • How Jeff succeeded in a credential-obsessed market... without having any certificates or qualifications

... and much more.



Mentioned in this episode:

Jeff Walker

Product Launch Formula

Jeff’s book, Launch

The Tim Ferriss Show

Susan Garrett


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