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Dare to Launch

Jun 11, 2024

In today’s episode of Dare to Launch, Jeff Walker and Chris Saunders welcome the hilarious Will Hamilton to the show! Will is the founder of Fuzzy Yellow Balls, a hugely successful platform for online tennis classes taught by legends like The Bryan Brothers and Martina Navratilova. He’s also a bonafide stand-up comedian in Washington D.C., which is why today’s discussion centers around the connection between comedy writing and copywriting. In his experience, Will has found that humor can be a fantastic tool in copywriting when used correctly. He’s also found that joke structures mirror copywriting in a fascinating way, especially in terms of building and releasing tension. We also dive into the ways in which high-performance tennis mirrors high performance in the business world. And finally, Will shares a few golden nuggets he’s learned from churning out content over the years which we know you folks will really enjoy. As a skilled tennis player and entrepreneur, Will has tons of valuable insight into the mindset and discipline you need to put yourself out there and keep at it no matter what. 

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Key topics discussed:

  • Lessons from Tennis Pros: Working with tennis legends over the years has taught Will countless lessons about focus, discipline, and preparation. 

  • Setting Goals: As Will started to find success as an entrepreneur, he found himself adjusting his goals and expectations to build the life he wanted to live. 

  • Comedy and Copywriting: The craft of writing jokes is actually incredibly similar to the craft of writing copy. Will breaks down the similarities and differences. 

  • The Content Grind: Will emphasizes that the only way to get better at making content is to keep at it, ignore the haters, and use the helpful comments to get better. 


Key takeaways: 

  • Certainty is a Necessity: Starting out as an entrepreneur is tricky, but you have to believe in yourself extra hard to overcome those initial struggles. 

  • Play the game you want to win. Running a billion-dollar business involves massive sacrifice, so make sure you set the bar at the right level for you and your goals. 

  • Humor is Valuable: If you’re able to be appropriately funny in a presentation or in your marketing you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

  • Nobody Cares About You: Be willing to not be the best in the world right away. If your content flops, nobody saw it. Keep trying, tweaking, and reframing your ideas. 


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