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Dare to Launch

May 28, 2024

Join your hosts Chris Saunders and Jeff Walker in welcoming Michael Maidens to the podcast this week! Michael is an entrepreneur, educator, and lifestyle creator. He also happens to be an incredibly skilled tennis instructor, and you’ll see why that’s worth mentioning shortly! Over the years, Michael has shepherded over 90 successful launches, helping all kinds of businesses, projects, and products get off the ground. In today’s episode, Chris and Jeff dig into Michael’s specialty: authenticity online. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the boom of the online knowledge-based economy, flocks of coaches, specialists, and creators have turned to developing coaching platforms. And in this increasingly crowded space, the key to standing out is all about showing the world exactly who you are through authentic marketing. As Michael sees it, there’s a bit of bravery required. Being your true authentic self online can be intimidating, but at the end of the day, all you really have to distinguish yourself from the pack! Sure, there might be 50 other folks offering coaching for your expertise, but none of them are exactly like you. Leaning into your authentic self, and infusing that individuality into your marketing copy and your offer, is the key. There will be some roadblocks and risks along the way. And with this self-revelation often comes a fear of rejection. “What if people don’t like my true self?” That’s where bravery comes in. You have to keep trying. If you don’t succeed right out of the gate, the timing could be off! Or perhaps your copy just isn’t fully aligned with your personality. The more time you spend refining your offer and your copy to reveal your authentic self, the closer you’ll get to where you need to be. Above all, Michael preaches the importance of focusing on outcomes in your offer. We can’t just tell people how many videos or workbooks they’ll get with our services. People need a promise of what they will become at the end of the process. And if you can make that promise so exciting that people genuinely want to share it, you’re on the right track.

For the Bonus Discussion with Michael: Text: BONUS2 to 1(888)-530-0282

Key topics discussed: 

  • Michael’s’ Story: How he went from a tennis pro to a visionary entrepreneur and how the lessons he learned from tennis apply to his work today.

  • The Current Online Landscape: How our online arena has become ultra-competitive and what we can do to stand out. 

  • The Product Launch Formula Effect: Jeff and Michael discuss how they met, how their relationship has grown, and how our live events and masterminds have impacted Michael’s journey. 

  • Michael’s First Huge Success: Michael explains how a hugely successful documentary launch taught him a million lessons about marketing and set him on the right path. Plus, Jeff and Chris remind him that he accidentally invented the standard for documentary marketing. 

  • Jeff’s Experience with Authenticity Online: Jeff walks us through the humble beginnings of his online newsletter in 1996 and how he learned the true value of authenticity. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Authenticity makes up for credentials. When you’re getting started, you might not have the necessary credentials to compete with other players. But what you do have is your personality and your individual perspective. Lean into that. 

  • Authenticity is the most sustainable mode of communication in marketing. When you’re not forcing anything, your marketing will feel natural. You’re not ending your livestream or your webinar feeling like a fraud or a trickster. You just continue being yourself! 

  • We don’t need to sell to everyone. No matter what your specific makeup might be as a person, there is an audience of people who want to hear from you. 

  • Imposter syndrome is healthy. It’s a sign that you have heart, empathy, and you’re not blinded by arrogance. Reframe it as a gift.

  • Visualize the outcomes you want your customers to get, and then pull from your knowledge only the most essential bits of information. Don’t cram everything you’ve ever learned into your offer; curate a specialized experience.

Where to find Michael Maidens: Learn all about Michael and his courses here:

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PLF Platinum Plus Mastermind

PLF Live

Product Launch Formula -

Jeff’s book Launch -

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