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Dare to Launch

Jul 2, 2024

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Join your hosts Chris Saunders and Jeff Walker in welcoming Nick Ortner to the podcast this week! Nick is the creator of The Tapping Solution; a hugely-popular app, book, and online resource which provides revolutionary meditations to help ease everything from anxiety to chronic pain. Like many of the entrepreneurs we bring on the show, Nick’s journey is anything but linear. He takes us through the various stages of his career, from innovating in the tele-health space in the early aughts, to making an indie documentary, to essentially inventing the modern conception of the marketing summit, to developing an app from scratch. Since discovering the health benefits of Tapping at a Tony Robbins event in 2000, Nick has been dedicated to spreading this holistic practice to the world through every medium within his grasp. The lessons learned along the way have been innumerable, but we dig into some of the big ones: the value of providing substantial free content, the right and wrong way to organize a summit, and how focusing on doing genuinely good work over a long period of time will only bring you wealth in business and in life. Nick’s strategies for building trust and curating excellent summits are just too good not to share. I know you’ll walk away with tons of new ideas and a reinvigorated commitment to your business. 

Key topics discussed: 

  • Creating a Summit: How Nick developed his approach to organizing summits through trial and error, and how he continues to perfect his methodology. 

  • Offering Free Content: In building his business, Nick has found time and time again that giving out substantial free content is the only way to build a loyal following. 

  • The Tony Robbins Effect: Many of the folks we work with have been affected by Tony’s work and Nick is no different. Nick tells us about his full circle journey with Tony. 

  • The Sandy Hook tragedy: How the horrendous school shooting, which happened minutes away from Nick’s home, led to some of his most impactful work. 


Key takeaways: 

  • Taking advantage of multiple outlets is key! Nick owes a lot of his success to embracing a multi-faceted approach to promote his life’s work. 

  • We have to focus on content first. Especially when planning a summit, it’s essential to make every part of the event unique, educational, and engaging. 

  • Product management is essential in building a good app. Nick emphasizes the importance of having a person solely dedicated to testing and shaping your app. 

  • The best way to attract experts to your summit is by showing them you genuinely love their content and know what they’re all about. 

  • Building a good business foundation is more important than some of the more public-facing stuff. And that includes taking care of your team! 


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