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Dare to Launch

Oct 24, 2023

What are some of the traits the most successful people across different industries share? And what can you do in your journey toward success?

Co-hosts Jeff Walker and Chris Saunders are joined by therapist, author, and speaker Elliott Connie to discuss all things mindset.

They discuss the importance of resilience and love, why a growth mindset shouldn’t be focused on following other people’s steps, and the biggest decision you can ever make.

Also in this week's show:

  • What one of the world’s best comedians can teach you about becoming unbreakable (it’s easier than you think – one decision is all it takes)
  • How Elliott “reinvented” himself from being an unsatisfied therapist working one-on-one with clients… to helping thousands of people all over the world (he lays out the exact steps he took)
  • The simple mental reframe that transforms pressure from something that paralyzes you… into a catalyst that inspires you to take action
  • Why a Hollywood celebrity still takes acting classes alongside unknown actors every week, despite earning millions of dollars… and why you should follow suit if you want to be successful
  • Is there an “ideal” mindset for launching? Elliott suggests one that practically guarantees you’ll be successful
  • Should you compare yourself to your competition… or who you were yesterday? How about neither? I think you’ll be inspired when you discover what Elliott chases instead
  • Why Jeff wrote 252 emails every year for 8 years… and what it reveals about building resilience
  • Could this four-letter word be the most successful business strategy? (Hint: it’s not “cash”, “sale”, or “work”)
  • How Michael Jordan can help you turn your weaknesses into your biggest strengths
  • What you should copy from successful entrepreneurs… and what you should NEVER copy


… and much more.



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Mentioned in this episode:

Jeff Walker

Product Launch Formula

Jeff’s book, Launch

Jeff’s YouTube channel

Elliott Connie

@ElliottSpeaks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks for a Better Life by John Wooden

Tom Brady

Tiffany Haddish

The Playbook Netflix Documentary


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