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Dare to Launch

Nov 14, 2023

Dylan Frost, the creator of The Wholesale Formula, joins Jeff and Chris to delve into the ever-evolving landscape of the digital products industry.

Expect valuable insights on creating pattern interrupts to captivate your audience on social media as well as lots of “What’s working now” tactics you can use to stand out from the competition. Dylan and Jeff also discuss a proven formula for structuring live webinars, the crucial role of controlling the sequence of the customer experience, and the enduring effectiveness of psychological triggers in sales.

Also in this week’s show:

  • The simple tactic Dylan uses to maximize show-up rates for his live events (Jeff used this in a recent promotion – it really works!)
  • The “old school” tactic that's out-performing video on landing and sales pages right now
  • Dylan’s unconventional way of using headlines in his Facebook ads that helps his offers stand out from his competition
  • The viral “pattern interrupt” that changed the face of online marketing (and two powerful lessons you can learn from it)
  • NEWSFLASH – webinars still work! (Dylan gives you an outline of how he turns cold traffic into thousand-dollar customers in as little as an hour!)
  • Why Dylan removes buy buttons and links from his web pages and emails… and why this increases sales
  • Why you should ALWAYS disable the play and skip video controls on your training replays (if you’ve ever been frustrated you can’t fast forward to the end of a webinar… this is why)
  • PLUS – listen in as Dylan and Jeff cook up some crazy ideas for promoting a $10,000 taco

… and much more!



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Jeff’s book, Launch

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