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Dare to Launch

Nov 7, 2023

Being able to generate thousands of dollars in sales, just by typing a few words on a laptop is as close to having magic powers as it gets.

So let’s talk copywriting…

Lots of folks are intimidated by copywriting. But the truth is, whether it’s an email, social post, or YouTube video… EVERYTHING you create for your business is “copy”. That’s what makes copywriting the most must-have, master skill of them all. And why you can’t afford to ignore it.

Co-hosts Jeff Walker and Chris Saunders are joined by members of Jeff’s team Justin Livingston and Dan Walker (Jeff’s son!) to discuss the role copy plays in your business, critical copywriting resources you can leverage, and the role of promises, as well as some of the pitfalls to beware.

Also, in this week’s episode:

  • How to take your copy skills to a whole new level… by answering just 3 simple questions
  • Where the world’s best copywriters go for ideas when starting a new promotion (do this and you’ll never have to face the blank page again)
  • Why copywriting will always be a highly valued and in-demand skill… no matter how advanced ChatGPT or AI becomes
  • The ONE thing you need to know before sitting down to write ANY copy
  • Why – despite having several seven and eight-figure students – I’ve NEVER published a case study of a million-dollar launch (and I don’t think I ever will)
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when hiring a copywriter (plus – the simple test non-copywriters can do that shows them whether copy is good or bad)
  • Why smaller promises often generate more sales
  • PLUS – Where you can download my brand-new “8 Rules for Copywriting” guide… for free

… and much more.



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Jeff Walker

Product Launch Formula

Jeff’s book, Launch

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Justin Livingston

Frank Kern


Callan Rush

Dean Graziosi


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