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Dare to Launch

Dec 5, 2023

What happens when you put 30 brilliant business people in the same room? Or make that 100+ amazing business owners at an event?

You get seriously inspired – and pick up some of the latest launch strategies and tactics  – that’s what!

Co-hosts Jeff Walker and Chris Saunders are joined by Dan Walker to talk about their biggest  takeaways from Jeff’s most recent events: Platinum Plus Mastermind, Launch Club Mastermind, and LCx.

You’ll learn about mindset, AI, “good marketing,” and a harsh truth about being a leader. They’ll share the most common mistakes business owners tend to make in their launches, courses, and sales pages.

You’ll also hear:

  • What happens at high-end mastermind meetings (Jeff walks you through how he structures his meetings, including why he NEVER has any content in the first session)
  • How creating a little “friendly competition” amongst your customers can deliver you a ton of social proof
  • How one member of Jeff’s mastermind DOUBLED her launch… by delivering LESS content
  • Why none of the folks in Jeff’s masterminds are worried about AI killing their businesses
  • The most common problems Dan spotted during a copywriting workshop… and how to fix them
  • How eliminating friction points and creating “level 10” experiences can help you build an audience of raving fans
  • What feeling nervous and anxious before you step on stage really means… and how to take action regardless of how you feel
  • How Jeff closed his big event on a “high note” (this was easily the most terrifying thing he’s ever done live on stage)

… and more.



Mentioned in this episode:

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